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Experience first-hand the superior patient-focused care provided by Professor Hing. Embrace a healthier, pain-free life where mobility is not a luxury but a right. Your journey towards improved orthopaedic health begins here.

Expert Help for Dislocating Kneecaps

I can help stabilise your kneecap

  • Does your kneecap keep dislocating?
  • Does your kneecap feel wobbly and unstable?
  • Have you stopped playing the sports you love because you worry your kneecap might dislocate?
  • Does your unstable kneecap make you anxious about going out in public?
  • Have you tried physiotherapy and it isn’t making any difference?
  • Are you worried your kneecap might dislocate again?
  • Are you struggling to get a proper diagnosis and find answers you can understand?

If so, I can help. I’m a knee surgeon in London with a special interest in dislocating kneecaps.

Knee Fractures

Prof. Caroline Hing employs cutting-edge techniques and personalised care to treat knee fractures effectively.

Knee Pain

Prof. Caroline Hing provides comprehensive, tailored treatment plans to alleviate knee pain and improve mobility.

Patellar (Kneecap) Dislocation

Offering expert diagnosis and advanced treatments for patella dislocation, promoting rapid recovery.

The Young Knee

Specialises in caring for ‘The Young Knee’, providing treatments that support growth and mobility.

Tendon Injuries

Prof. Caroline Hing utilises innovative therapies and individualised attention to address tendon injuries, ensuring optimal healing and restored function.

Tailored Treatments for You

Whether it’s chronic knee pain or instability you’re dealing with, Professor Hing provides an array of state-of-the-art treatments tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s chronic knee pain or instability you’re dealing with, Professor Hing provides an array of state-of-the-art treatments tailored to your needs.

Exceptional Expertise

Meet Prof. Caroline Hing

I can help you with your kneecap problems. I offer a specialist clinic just seeing patients with kneecap disorders. I start with a detailed assessment of your knees, I believe in listening to your problems and I often see patients referred from other surgeons.

I provide a holistic approach working closely with a team of radiologists and physiotherapists to accurately diagnose and treat your knee. The aim is to start you on a journey to recovery so you understand what has happened to your kneecap and how you can recover from your injury or pain.

My aim is to get you back to enjoying life pain free and happy with your knee. I work with a team to help you recover which may involve physiotherapy or surgery, so we get you back on your feet and out enjoying life.

Why see a specialist in kneecaps?

Knee problems can be complex and affect different parts of the knee with kneecaps causing specific problems. Seeing an expert in kneecaps can help ensure the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

I have a specialist interest in treating kneecap problems and have a research interest in kneecaps

I belong to a group of national experts in the field of kneecap surgery

I see young adults with dislocating kneecaps as well as children with dislocating kneecaps

I treat adults with arthritic kneecaps

I have a busy NHS practice in a trauma centre so I see a lot of patients with broken kneecaps needing to be fixed

I work both in the private sector and NHS ensuring that I see a large number of patients from all walks of life who have kneecap problems

Don’t Wait in Pain

Thinking about being seen privately?

The NHS is under a lot of pressure and you may still be waiting to be seen or had your appointment rescheduled multiple times.

If you are in pain and want to be seen fast by a specialist, I can help. You don’t have to have private health insurance and you can self fund your appointment or your treatment with our treatment packages.

Often just the reassurance of seeing a surgeon quickly can give you peace of mind whilst you wait for your NHS treatment or you may decide you want all of your treatment to be done in the private sector.

I can help you to be seen quickly with time to investigate your problem thoroughly and explain your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Clarity and Choices

Second opinions and referrals

Unstable or painful kneecaps are a specialist area of knee surgery and often knee surgeons will refer patients to me for a second opinion. I work closely with a group of knee surgeons who send me patients for a second opinion. This may be because the kneecap has not got better with current treatment or they want another opinion as to the type of surgery needed.

I am happy to review any previous treatment or investigations and provide an opinion for you. After the consultation, you can then choose to continue your treatment with me or with your original surgeon.

If you have been seen before, feel a bit confused and do not understand what the problem really is, you might want someone to diagnose your problem and explain the treatment options, I can see you and provide a fresh opinion for you to consider.


Professor Hing gave me the confidence to go ahead with a procedure I had been waiting 5 years for. She gives her patients the information and time needed to make important decisions.”