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Informed Consent: Understanding Your Treatment Options

Informed Consent: Understanding Your Treatment Options

When you are seen in a consultation it is important you understand what has been discussed and what your treatment options are, both involving surgery and non-operative options.

You should ask questions during the consultation if anything is not clear to you or ask for another appointment if you want some ‘thinking time’ or for more information.

After the appointment you and your referring doctor will receive a letter summarising what was discussed and what your options are for treatment. You can always ask further questions by email or by phone.

During the consultation you should:

  • Understand what was discussed
  • Understand what treatments are available and what each involves
  • Realise what the benefits and risks are of each treatment
  • Comprehend what will happen if you have no treatment or ‘do nothing’
  • Work out what is important to you and how the different treatment options might impact on your life such as work and sports
  • Ask what risks you are comfortable with